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Marietta FacilityDesemco was founded in 2008 by Karen Salmon and is a 100% woman-owned small business (MWBE) located in Marietta, GA, just northwest of Atlanta.

As a certified AS9100 REV D company, Desemco manufactures both commercial and defense aerospace products. Our products include simple to complex prototypes and production parts in titanium, aluminum and hard metals for airframes, turbines and control systems.

Our Mission

Desemco continually strives to improve our operations, performance, and effectiveness in order to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. This is accomplished through regular reviews of the quality system and objectives, and through constant interaction and communication with customers, employees, and suppliers.

Business Focus

Desemco is committed to delivering high-quality products on time, every time, and at a reasonable price. To ensure that this commitment is met and maintained, Desemco has invested heavily in a combination of advanced technologies, lean processes, and a workforce with high expertise in production CNC machining.

Every customer that tours our production facility quickly turns up evidence of this commitment. For example, our universal workholding capabilities, Back Bolt, Dovetail and Serrated Vise, ensure that there is minimal fixture and set-up on its multi-axis spindle machines, and a combination of multi-tasking and smart processes ensure a significant reduction in time and cost for the customer.

Similarly, Desemco invests heavily in process automation, verification and optimization software, allowing it to detect errors or areas of inefficiency before moving forward with full production, and passing on those cost and efficiency benefits to the customer.


We adhere strictly to our process design, ensuring that we maximize the accuracy and efficiency of our operations.

Lean Manufacturing Policy

Our continual lean driven activities enable optimized production, eliminate defects, and reduce lead times and costs for our customers.

Production Agility

As an owner-managed firm without legacy burdens, we are most flexible in production and more responsive to customer needs.

Culture of Quality

We utilize our extensive experience, technology, and management systems to provide our customers with an unmatched quality of product.

Datamining and Reporting

We use technology to parse all collected data to optimize our production, eliminate errors/waste, and reduce cost to customers.